ProSelf International Inc. has more than 10 years of experience in the human diagnostics field. With our methodologies, we are capable of measuring personality, attitude and values; furthermore, of doing predictive analytics. Our research field covers the assessment of social networks and organisations functioning. Thanks to technological development, our programmes are supported by machine learning algorithms. The personal and community WELL-BEING stands in the centre of our researches and developments. Our references may include but are not limited to many multinational large enterprises, such as Allianz, German Telekom, Erste Bank, Raiffeisen, Panasonic, Sberbank.


WPU ( is a consulting company, is a specialist on the combination of psychology and economy in the fields of AAL, quality of life. The core competency is the construction and development of stakeholder communication strategies and business models. Over the years WPU has been successfully active as a project partner in many research projects. Within AAL, the WPU team is currently a partner in 3 national projects (train & win, WAALter, fittest city). In the context of smart city research, WPU is involved in 2 projects (smart Pölten, green care). Project focuses are enabling concepts of the development of social innovations, user-centred business models and the integration and implementation strategies into daily life activities of all stakeholders.

AIT ( is Austria’s largest non-university research institute, a specialist on research and development activities of technologies, techniques and tools of key infrastructure solutions of the future. Within the Business Unit Biomedical Systems, an interdisciplinary research team deals with AAL, Health and specific influencing factors. Over the years the AAL team has been successfully active as project partner and coordinator in many research projects on a national and international level. Within AAL, the team is currently partner in 2 projects (e.g. SUCCESS, Follow.Me) of the AAL JP, and was leading a couple of outstanding AAL JP projects in the past (RelaxedCare, AALuis), and was also leading the recently finished FP7 project MiraculousLife and is currently involved in the virtual coaching H2020 project vCare. The team is also involved in the national AAL-initiative benefit and is currently leading the Train&Win project. Research focuses are the development of adaptable intelligent User Interfaces, pattern recognition, middleware platforms for AAL applications and services.

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN) was founded as the first of its kind in 1994. Currently, more than 4000 students are enrolled in Bachelor or Master programmes at one of our campuses: Wiener Neustadt, Wieselburg, Tulln and Vienna. At present FHWN has five faculties: Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Security, and Sport.
Internationally networked as well as firmly anchored on a regional level, FHWN provides extensive and future-oriented educational and research programmes.
In addition to a high practical relevance, our focus is on applied research. In the project, the FH Wiener Neustadt (Institute of Computer Science and the study programme Health Care & Nursing) is responsible for the integration of the respective Austrian target group, for the selection of the robot components, as well as for the implementation of the intended case scenarios.


MedVision has developed a digital platform called MEDrecord, for accessing patient data from mobile devices, wearables and applications. This enables the management of your personal well being, improve engagement strategies and more efficiently manage populations.
To make the data meaningful for healthcare (semantic interoperability) the MEDrecord platform satisfies the ISO/CEN 13606 standard, using the OpenEHR archetypes. Not only knowledge but also states and rules could be captured in archetypes. This provides a semantically interoperable model for user interface, business logic, persistence and decision support. These archetypes provide an ideal basis for data fusion and sharing between different systems.
MED has experience with research projects as partner as well as coordinator; e.g. Care@Home (AAL), MobiGuide (FP7 ICT call), EEG-Serv (Eurostars), myAirCoach (H2020).


Golden Days is a charity foundation for the elderly in the Netherlands. In our approach, we are active in the grassroots of the community and thanks to this local focus we are tuned to the needs of the elderly. We activate local networks, volunteers, organizations, businesses and donors for thousands of much-needed activities for lonely and frail elderly with a clear mission in mind: to combat the growing loneliness amongst the elderly and increase independence and quality of life of frail elderly.
Over the years, we have built up a large network of 2400 residential homes, 7000 community centres and 420.000 volunteers. This is why we are in the position to signal the needs of the elderly and to be involved in the development of products and services by involving the elderly in testing innovations. Two members of our team have been intensively involved in AAL projects over the past 4 years.


INRCA ( is the Italian leading public Institute in gerontology and geriatrics, devoted to improving quality of life of older persons. The objectives of the Institute are focused on successful ageing and the promotion of health of the older person and prevention. INRCA pursues its goal mainly in an interdisciplinary way, through clinical and translational research, training in the bio-medical field as well as in the organization and management of health care services, in particular by means of highly specialized hospitalization and health care. The national dimension of INRCA and its international network of contacts represent an “added value” and a point of reference in the study of ageing and of long-term care related issues, as recently confirmed by the fact that INRCA has been recently acknowledged as the coordinator of the National Longevity Network on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Health. The institute has gained substantial experience in large scale European and international projects on ageing. INRCA has participated in several European projects.