Screenshot of the AgeWell App

Screenshot of the AgeWell application

AgeWell provides an avatar on a mobile phone and robot (physically embodied device) based virtual coach for older employees supporting them through their transformation to retirement and beyond. It also supports companies to keep their employees motivated for longer time to share their knowledge and experience, also after the retirement. AgeWell helps employees and employers to work well cross-generationally. End-users will be involved in the project from the beginning following a user-centric approach and will be recruited by the help of end-user organizations and larger companies. Since AgeWell follows a holistic approach by providing guidance when the user ages and needs assistance, a second end-user group involving seniors in retirement will simulate this later phase of AgeWell usage in the trials.

With AgeWell, we engage the users for living healthier and happier

Main objectives:

  • AgeWell is an avatar based virtual coaching application supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for older adults in retirement age
  • AgeWell is a supporting tool for real life coaches in guiding the end users to their goals
  • AgeWell supports the users in their emotional, social, physical and cognitive wellbeing
  • AgeWell supports the users to reach their personal goals

The AgeWell project is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme Call 2018 under the reference no. aal-2018-5-92-CP